War Atlas

Turkey/Ottoman Empire

Midi is the Republic of Turkey's National Anthem (post-war)


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Head of State
Mehmed V, Sultan 1909-18
Prime Minister
Prince Said Halim Pasha 1913-17
Mehmed Talat Pasha 1917-18
Ahmed Izzed Pasha 1918
Ahmed Tevfik Pasha 1918-19
Foreign Minister
Prince Said Halim Pasha 1914-16
Halil Bey 1916-17
Ahmed Nessimy Bey 1917-18
Naby Bey 1918
Minister of War
General of Brigade Enver Pasha 1914-22


Enver Pasha 1914-18
First Army
General Otto Liman von Sanders 1914-15
Second Army
General Vehip Pasha 1914-16
General Mustafa Kemal Pasha1916-17
Third Army
General Hasan Izzet Pasha 1914
General Mehmet Kamil Pasha 1914-16
General Vehip Pasha 1916-17
Fourth Army
General Ahmed Djemal Pasha 1914-18
Fifth Army
General Otto Liman von Sanders 1915-16
Sixth Army
Field Marshal Colmar von der Goltz 1915
General Halil Pasha 1917
Seventh Army
General Mustafa Kemal Pasha1917
Eighth Army
General Djevad Pasha 1918
Ninth Army
General Yakup Sevki Pasha 1918