Prince Bernhard von Bulow


General Information

After first rising to the rank of State Secretary in 1897, von Bulow was appointed Chancellor by Kaiser Wilhelm II on 16-Oct-1900. He replaced the aging and ailing Prince Chodwig zu Hohenlohe. A politician by nature, he often manipulated the Emperor to further his own position. He was made a Prince of the German Empire as a result of his involvement in the Morocco Crisis of 1905. His career was a casualty of his own ambition and he was forced to resign from office as a result of the Daily Telegraph affair on 26-Jun-1909. The Kaiser replaced von Bulow with Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg.


"And haven't you learned yet that his Majesty's personal wishes are often sheer nonsense?"
von Bulow to an aide on the Daily Telegraph interview.