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The Story of the American Expeditionary Forces

78th Division

Statistical Summary: Maximum Strength

A Typical AEF Infantry Regiment

310th Infantry, 78th Division

Presented the Great War Society

Colonel Walter Babcock, DSM
Commander, 310th Infantry

Every AEF Division had four infantry regiments. These divisions are referred to as "Square Divisions" in contrast to the smaller US divisions of World War II that had three infantry regiments. This summary shows the staffing and equipment allocated to just one of the regiments of the AEF.

Total Manpower All Categories 3822
Total Officers 112
Enlisted, All Ranks 3720
Sergeants, All Ranks 179
Corporals 453
Cooks 64
Band 49
Horseshoers, Mechanics, Saddlers, Waggoners 161
Buglers 26
Privates & PFCs 2725

Horses 65
Mules 325

Marcq - Headquarters During Assault on Grandpre

Wagons, All Types 118
Bicyles 42
Cars, Motor 1
Gun, 1 pounder 3
Guns, Machine, Heavy 16
Mortors, Stokes 6
Rifles 3200
Rifles, Automatic 192

Sources and Thanks: This information was provided by a genealogical site with much help for researchers interested in military matters. MH

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