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The Doughboy Center is a full partner with the Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress. We are interested in diaries, letters, unpublished manuscripts, collections of memorabilia and souvenirs of members of all military services, medical staff, volunteer workers, employees of government agencies and news correspondents for the American Expeditionary Forces in the First World War. If you have a website, we would like to include a link to your page. If you are looking for a place to publish such material, we could be able to provide a forum for you. Please contact us at if you have material which may be of interest to our readers.
Doughboy Memorial - Boonseboro, MD
Doughboy Memorial
Boonesboro, Maryland

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Douglas Campbell

Aces of the
US Air Services

From The Aerodrome
Pvt. Wilfred H. Allen
308th Inf., 27th Division


Presented by His Son
Dick Allen
Sgt. Roy Bailey
166th Inf., 42nd Division


Presented by His Grandson
Paul Wallace & Mark Boyd
Sgt. Weldon Barr

Sgt. Weldon McCoy Barr
Ordinance Company
Camp Bauvoir, France

Diary, Photos and Letters

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Visit their website at the Library of Congress

Sgt. Charles Leo Boucher
102nd Inf; 26th Division

Lucky Charlie

Transcribed by Grandson
Charles Merrill

Pvt. A.D. Dusty Boyd
166th Inf; 42nd Division

Letters and Photos

Presented by Grandson
Mark Boyd

C.A. Brannen, USMC
6th Marine Rgt; 2nd Division

Wounded at Blanc Mont

An Excerpt from Over There:
A Marine in the Great War
Cpl. Chester E. Brown Pvt. Ernest C. Johnson
Battery A, 102nd Field Artillery, 26th Division

Combined Diaries

Contributed by Bob Ford,
102nd Infantry Museum, New Haven, CT;
Helen Burrey

Nurse Helen Burrey
American Red Cross

My Mother's War
by Mary Murphy
Capt. Sylvester Benjamin Butler

Capt. Sylvester Benjamin Butler
301st Supply Train

Letters from
Plattsburg and France

Pvt. Mathew Chopin
356th Inf., 89th Div.

Memoir: Through the Valley of Death
Presented by Lisa McCauley

Operator Oleda Christides
Signal Corps
Chaumont, France

The History of a Hello Girl
by Michelle Christides
Norvel P. Clotfelter

Sgt. Norvel P. Clotfelter
344th MG. Batt; 90th Div.

WWI Diary

Presented by his grandchildren
Jim Clotfelter &
Ruth Clotfelter Camenisch

Marion G. Crandell

First American Woman Killed in Action: KIA March 27, 1918

Presented by Vern Wriedt

Buglar Benjamin Edgar Cruzan
341st Fld. Art., 89th Division

WWI Diary, Photos, Memorabilia

Presented by his son Marv Cruzan
Capt. Alfred Cunningham

Capt. Alfred Cunningham
USMC Hq. on Assignment

Diary of a Marine Aviator

From The World War I Document Archive
Thomas Davis

Pvt. Thomas Davis
809th Pioneers, Services of Supply

Interview with a Black Yankee

From Trenches on the Web
Br. Gen. Charles Gates Dawes

Bg. General Charles Gates Dawes


From the U.S. Senate Website
Pvt. Charles Dermody

Pvt. Charles Dermody
132nd Infantry; 33rd Division

A Yank in the First World War
Bugler Wayne DeSilvey
Bugler Wayne DeSilvey
112th Infantry, 28th Division

Maj. Gen. Joseph T. Dickman

Lt. General Joseph T. Dickman
I Corps & Third Army


From the Third Army Site

First Sgt. Samuel Dreben
141st Inf; 36th Division

Fighting Jew -
Forgotten Hero

Presented by Gerard Meister
Robert L. Dwight

Pvt. Robert L. Dwight
148th Infantry, 37th Division

WWI Diary

Recorded by his grandson Wm. McPherson
Pvt. Monk Eastman
Pvt. Monk Eastman
106th Infantry; 27th Division

Gangster, Doughboy, Hero

by Mara Bovsun

Guy Edington

Cpl. Guy Edington
56th Coastal Artillery Corps

The History of one WWI Veteran - My Grandfather

Presented by Joe Hartwell
Lt. James Reese Europe

Lt. James Reese Europe
369th Infantry

Songs Brought Back from the Battlefields
by Tim Gracyk

From Trenches on the Web
Nurse Helen Fairchild
Base Hospital 10
Died in Service

My Aunt, My Hero

By Nelle Fairchild Rote
In the WWI Document Archive

Dr. William T. Fiztsimons
Harvard Unit, Medical Corps
Died in Service

First KIA

From the Kansas University
History Site
The Funkhouser Brothers of Evansville, Indiana Memorial

Lt. Paul T. Funkhouser
7th MG Battl., 3rd Division
KIA October 20, 1918
Lt. Albert C. Funkhouser
144th Inf., 36th Division
Died from results of Gas, June 15, 1919

Contributed by Chris Myers
Robert Howard Gamble

Lt. Robert Howard Gamble
11th Infantry; 5th Division
KIA, St. Mihiel, 12 Sept 1918


Contributed by Jock Yellott
Mary Gavin

Nurse Mary Gavin
Base Hospital 42

Searching for Great Aunt Mary

By Mary Britton

Cpl. Clement Grobbel
339th Inf., AEF N.Russia


Presented by Michael Grobbel

Arcille Guillory
87th Division

Cajun Doughboy

Contributed by Lisa McCauley

Sgt. Robert R. Gustafson
361st Inf., 91st Div. &
GHQ Band Chaumont

Diary & Photos

Presented by Family Member Andrea Linn
Albert K. Haas

Sgt. Albert K. Haas
309th Inf., 78th Div.

Three Memorable Days excerpted from One Year's Tour of France

Contributed by his daughter
Margaret Haas

Nurse Helen Scott Hay
American Red Cross

Biographical Sketch

At Carroll County, Illinois
Genealogy Trails
Oscar A. Heller

SFC Oscar A. Heller
305th Ammo Train, 80th Div.

My Father and World War I

By his son Roger Heller

Cpl. Paul B Hendrickson
129th Inf. 33rd Div.

Letters, Diary & Photos
Presented by Jim Gill

Seaman 2/Cl Kenneth A. Holcomb
USS Hilton

Diary & Photos
Presented by Grandson David Holcomb
PFC Harry Hoyman
PFC Harry Hoyman
8th Infantry, Siberian Expeditionary Force

My Year in Siberia

Contributed by
Alice Horner
Sgt. Joyce Kilmer

Sgt. Joyce Kilmer
165th Infantry; 42nd Division


From the At the Columbia University
Roll of Honor

Captain Field Kindley
148th Aero Squadron

Ace from Cavite, Arkansas


Pvt. Gordon Van Kleeck
51st Pioneer Infantry

Unit Diary

From Roxy Triebel's Ancestral Photographs

Pvt. Thomas Lindholtz
MG Company 55th Inf; 7th Division

Through the Eyes of a World War I Private

Presented by
Thomas Ethan Lindholtz &
Richard Jeffery Linholtz
Mechanic Wm. A. Livergood
305th Ammo Train, 80th Division

A Tale of Soldier Who Served in the World War in France

Presented by Grandson Larry R. Kephart
Lt. Wm.

Lt. William "Chink"Lowe, USMC
4th Marine Bgd & 90th Aero Sq.

Volunteer Warrior

From the University of Tennessee
Alumni Magazine

Maj. Raoul Lufberry
Lafayette Escadrille &
94th Aero Sq. AEF


At Wikipedia

Emmett Lunsford
31st Inf. AEF Siberia


From Grandniece Bev Kendall
Col. George C. Marshall

Col. George C. Marshall
Hq. First Army


From the Geo. C. Marshall Center
MOH Recipients

Medal of Honor Recipients


From the Home of Heroes Website
Rev. Joel Hastings Metcalf

Rev. Joel Hastings Metcalf

Biography & Letters

Septimus Vaughn Moseley
327th Inf.; 82nd Div.

Wounded in the Argonne

Presented by James Boatwright

Henry F. Muenzel
103rd MG Battl., 26th Division
Died in Service

Finding Uncle Henry & Nurse Josephine Finch, Too

Presented by Betty Watts

Andrew Oleson
340th MG Battl., 89th Division


From Grandson Doug Oleson
Ollie. O. Olive

Cpl. Ollie O. Olive
29th Division

Ollie O. Olive's
Rendezvous with Death

by Glenn Hyatt

Lt. John Hezekiah Pattrick
HQ 2nd Army

Hezzie Goes to War

Presented by the Univ. of Missouri
Clair M Pfenning
Clair Pfennig, Flash Ranger
29th Engineers

A Trip Over Land on a French "Pullman"

An Excerpt from All For Heaven, Hell or Hoboken ...World War I Diary and Letters of Clair Pfennig

Pvt. Floyd O. Pfost
31st Inf., AEF Siberia

My Grandfather's War

Presented by Luann Pfost
James Elmer Pierson

Waggoner James Elmer Pierson
27th Engineers

Battle in the Argonne

From his Diary
Louis Raab

Pvt. Louis Raab
2nd Pioneer Infantry

Little Louis and Big Bertha or Over the Top At The Big Show

By Mark McLaughlin, Grandson
Marion M. Rice

Nurse Marion McCune Rice
American Red Cross

An American Nurse At War

From the Website of the Same Name
Pvt. Clarence Richmond

Pvt. Clarence Richmond, USMC
5th Marine Rgt; 2nd Division

Recollections of a Buck Private

Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker
94th Aero Squadron.

Fighting the Flying Circus

From the War Times Journal

Pvt. Kenneth N. Rogers
12th FA; 2nd Division

Biographical Sketch & Diary

Presented by His Son Kenneth

Pvt. Nathaniel Rouse
165th Inf; 42nd Division

Grandpa's World War I Diary

Presented by Grandson, Nathan

Cpl. Arthur W. Scherrr
107th Fld. Signal Batt; 32nd Division


From Scherr & Scherer Family Connections

Pvt. Wm. C. Schneider
305th Fld. Artillery, 77th Div.

Danger on All Fronts
A WWI Story

Presented by Bob Denison

Pvt. John Ernest Schroeder
Medical Corps, 354th Inf.

One Private's Camera

450 Photos

Presented by Tom Caulley

Sgt. Paul Smithhisler
112th Engr., 37th Div.

First to Breech the Escaut

By His Son, Joe Smithhisler
Lt. Harold Speakman

Lt. Harold Speakman
332nd Infantry

From a Soldier's Heart on the Italian Front
PFC Lloyd Staley

PFC Lloyd Staley
137th Infantry, 35th Division

Letters to Mary Gray

Capt. John E. Swaim
89th Div.

Fighting the Hun in the Great War

A Photo Essay
By His Grandson, Don Swaim

Pvt. Willard F. Swan
301st Infantry; 76th Division

WWI Scrapbook

Presented by Dick Bolt
Pvt. Paul Totten

Pvt. Paul Totten
339th Inf. AEF N. Russia

Polar Bear Memories

Contributed by Jim Neely
Meet More Doughboys at: The DBC Photo Album
Pvt. Percy Totten

Pvt. Percy Totten
126th Inf., 32nd Division

My Doughboy Friend:
Percy Totten

Contributed by Jim Neely

Sgt. Henry J. Tudury
12rh MG Batt, 4th Division

Diary of Mississippi's Most Decorated Doughboy

Contributed by His Grandson,
Craig Johnson
Sgt. Claude Wakefield

Sgt. Claude Wakefield
55th Sanitary Squad

Over There

Corporal Arthur R. Walker
355th Inf., 89th Division

A Raiding Patrol at Seicheprey

A Doughboy Center Mystery

Lt. Eugene West
5th Marines, 2nd Div.

Letters & Photos

Presented by His Daughter
Marydith W. Beeman
Sgt. Alvin York

Sgt. Alvin York
328th Inf., 82nd Div.


From the York Institute Website

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