How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm (After They've Seen Paree)?
YMCA Tour of Paris

Individual Personnel Files
  Their Stories: First Hand Accounts, Memoirs, Profiles, Diaries, and Letters
Updated and Expanded, May 2019

  America's Unknown Soldier
His Selection, Burial & the Traditions

  America and the Akins Family Lose a Son
Documenting the Death of a Doughboy

  WWI Genealogical Research Resources
From the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission

  Genealogical Resources on Members of the AEF
From the World War I Historical Association

  Flying Yanks
Units & Individual Profiles from the American Battle Monuments Commission

  U.S. Naval Personnel in World War I
Biographical Profiles from the Naval History and Heritage Command

  Medal of Honor Recipients in the Meuse Argonne
From Jeffrey Aarnio of the ABMC

  Pershing's 100
The Initial Listing of Doughboy Achievements Prepared by GHQ

  Notable Contributors to Americn Life Who Served in the Great War

  Twenty Surprising Doughboys
Famous Americans You Might Not Have Known Served in the War

  In Their Own Words
The AEF Experience: The Doughboys, Allies and Enemies Tell Their Story

  The Brass
Commanders and Key Leaders of the AEF

  Statistics on AEF Decorations
From the US Army CMH

  Doughboy Photo Album

  Siberian Duty Memories Linger On
Three Veterans of Freeport, Illinois Look Back

Battle Streamer

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