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1919 Victory.

The first commemorative stamp after the war was the handsome 1919 Victory Issue with a female representing victory and the flags of the victorious Allied and Associated Powers. Three Cent. Scott Catalog # 537. Contributed by Tom Olson.
1948 Moina Michael.

In November 1918, Michael originated the Flanders Field Memorial Poppy Commemoration to honor the men and women who have served in the United States armed services. Three Cent. Scott Catalog # 977. Contributed by Len Shurtleff
1948 Moina Michael First Day Cover.

The poppy, which bloomed on the battlefields of France, became the symbol of the tragedy of war after the World War 1. Poppy Day is usually celebrated on the Saturday before Veterans' Day. Contributed by Len Shurtleff
1948 Gold Star Mothers.

The Gold Star Mothers were founded to honor the mothers who lost sons and daughters in World War I. In 1943, the program was extended to the fallen of the Second World War and, today, includes the casualties of all subsequent wars. Three Cent. Scott Catalog # 969. Suggested by Holly Fenelon.
1961 General Pershing.

This definitive, or regular issue, stamp honored the Commander of the American Expeditionary Force. It was part of the Liberty Issue of 1954-68. Eight Cent. Scott Catalog # 1042a. Contributed by Tom Olson.
1974 VFW 75th Anniversary Commemorative.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars was founded by survivors of the Spanish American War of 1898. After the Great War many doughboys joined as an alternative to the new American Legion. Ten Cent. Scott Catalog # 1525. Contributed by Tom Olson.
1974 Curtiss Jenny Airmail
First Day Cover

Cover issued for new ten cent airmail stamp depicting the "Jenny", used to train American pilots for the war and which later became an early airmail plane. The image of the Jenny appeared on the earliest airmail stamps in other demoninations. Scott Catalog # c74 Contributed by Len Shurtleff.
1984 Harry S. Truman
First Day Cover

Cover marking the release of 1984 definitive issue of s Twenty Cent stamp honoring President Harry S. Truman. [Scott Catalog # 1862b] Included on the cover is a photo of Truman in his World War I uniform when he was commanding an artillery battery in the 35th Division. Contributed by Len Shurtleff.
1985 World War I Veterans Commemorative.

Shows Doughboys charging up a hill in the Meuse-Argonne from sketch by official AEF artist Captain J. Andre Smith. Twenty-two Cent. Scott Catalog # 2154. Contributed by Tom Olson.
1985 World War I Veterans
First Day Cover

Original first day issue cover. Contributed by Len Shurtleff.
1985 World War I Veterans Combination
First Day Cover

The 1985 Milwaukee National Convention of the Veterans of World War I (of the USA) was the venue for issuing this 1985 WWI Veterans commemorative. The cover depicts the name and logo of the association. Many later World War I stamps have been added to this composite. Contributed by Len Shurtleff.
1995 Eddie Rickenbacker Airmail.

This airmail definitive issue from the Aviation Pioneers series honors the greatest Ace of the American Air Service. Sixty Cent. Reissued in 2000. Scott Catalog # 2998 / 2998a. Contributed by Tom Olson.
1996 F. Scott Fitzgerald
First Day Cover

The famous author was in the American Army during the Great War, although he did not serve overseas. This cover also includes a quote on the war from a Fitzgerald story. Scott Catalog #3104 Contributed by Len Shurtleff.
1996 Marshall Islands Spad XIII.

Thirty-two cent stamp from the Marshall Islands World's Legendary Biplanes series. The French-built Spad XIII was the top-line fighter plane flow by the American Air Service during the war. Contributed by Len Shurtleff..
1996 Marshall Islands DH-4-Liberty.

Thirty-two cent stamp from the Marshall Islands World's Legendary Biplanes series. The aircraft was a hybrid built from the airframe of the British-built DH-4 and the American-built Liberty engine. Contributed by Len Shurtleff..
1998 Woodrow Wilson Commemorative.

Portrait shows Wilson departing for the Paris Peace Conference. Thirty-two cent stamp from the Celebrate the Century, 1910-1919 series; Scott Catalog #3183k. Contributed by Tom Olson.
1998 US Enters World War I Commemorative.

The Uncle Sam is a James Montgomery Flagg self-portrait. The pose is unabashedly copied from the famous 1915 British Lord Kitchener poster "Your Country Wants You" Thirty-two cent stamp from the Celebrate the Century, 1910-1919 series; Scott Catalog #3183j. Contributed by Tom Olson.
1999 Bg Gen. Billy Mitchell Commemorative.

From the Aviation Pioneers series. Mitchell was the leading American combat air commander during the war. The aircraft shown is the limited production two-seat Spad XVI provided for Mitchell's personal use. Fifty-five cent stamp; Scott catalog # 3330. Contributed by Len Shurtleff.
1999 Billy Mitchell
Combination First Day Cover

The combination first day cover of the Billy Mitchell Pioneers of Aviation stamp also shows on a Marshall Island issue one of Mitchell's Martin biplane bombers attacking the German pre-dreadnought Ostfriesland off the Virginia Capes during controversial bombing exercises in 1921. Contributed by Len Shurtleff
2000 Sgt. Alvin C. York.

From the Distinguished Soldiers series. Thanks to Hollywood, York is the most famous soldier of the AEF. His performance in the Argonne Forest on October 8, 1918, however, will stand forever as one one the great individual achievements of American arms. Thirty-Three Cent. Scott Catalog # 3395.
2000 Maj. Gen. John L. Hines.

From the Distinguished Soldiers series. After arriving in France, by merit Hines advanced in less than eighteen months from quartermaster staff officer to corps commander. Later, he served as Chief of Staff of the Army. Thirty-Three Cent. Scott Catalog # 3393.
2001 James Montgomery Flagg Marine Recruiting Poster First-Day Canceled Maximum Card.

From the American Illustrators series. Most famous for his Uncle Sam poster, Flagg was a leader of the group of illustrators who supported George Creel's Committee for Public Information. Thirty-Four Cent. Scott Catalog # 3502a.
2001 Snoopy, World War I Fighter Pilot by Charles Schulz

Commerative stamp honoring the Peanuts comic strip and its creator Charles Schulz. Schulz stopped drawing his beloved cartoon characters and died just before the issue of this stamp. He had regularly produced strips in honor of American veterans and with Great War themes. The Snoopy Fighter Pilot series was enormously popular and helped maintain interest in the First World War. Thirty-Four Cent. Scott Catalog # 3507. Contributed by Len Shurtleff.
2001 Peanuts by Charles Schulz First Day Cover.

There are several notable things about this item. Snoopy is flying an aircraft with the insignia of the legendary 94th "Hat in the Ring" Aero Squadron. The postmark is from Santa Rosa, California where Charles Shulz's studio was located. Manfred von Richtophen, the Red Baron, who is seen here was frequently mentioned, but never fully depicted in the comic strip. Thanks to Len Shurtleff.
2002 Marshall Islands US World War I Heroes Series

Some of the most famous names of the AEF are represented here including the recent Medal of Honor recipient, Cpl. Freddie Stowers of the 371st Infantry. Biographical sketches included. Thanks to Len Shurtleff.
2005 Four Distinguished US Marines Series

On November 10, 2005 to mark the 230th anniversary of the founding of the US Marine Corps, the USPS produced a four-stamp 37-cent issue to honor four distinguished Marines, Sgt Major Dan Daly, Lt. General "Chesty" Puller, Lt. Gen John Lejeune and Sgt. John Basilone, the first three of whom served during the Great War. The Scott catalog numbers are: Lejune - Sc. #3961; Puller - Sc. #3962; Basilone - Sc. #3963; Daly - Sc. #3964; and Sc.# 3964a for the block or horizontal strip of four. Thanks to Len Shurtleff.

Sources and thanks: Philatelists and World War I buffs Len Shurtleff [also President of the WFA- US Branch] and Tom Olson [also Chairman of the Great War Society's East Bay Chapter] concurrently expressed the same interest in contributing a display of their stamps and covers to our website. Neither knew that I had recently been a confidential consultant to the firm which designed the Distinguished Soldiers series for the US Postal Service. It was my job to research the background of the two First World War designees, Alvin York and John Hines. Consequently, I think I surprised both Len and Tom when I really embraced the chance to display their stamps honoring the veterans of the First World War, especially those with which I had been personally involved. MH

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