28-Jun-1914 - Assassination in Sarajevo - Photos

Colonel Apis of the "Black Hand" (center), in reality Colonel Dimitrijevic of Serbian military intelligence. It is believed he provided the training and weapons for the assassination.
Gravilo Princip (right) and fellow conspirator Trifko Grabez (left) sit with a friend in Belgrade's Kalmedgan Park. The time is May, 1914.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie arrive at Sarajevo City Hall accompanied by General Oskar Potiorek (right), Military Governor of Bosnia.
The couple leaving Sarajevo City Hall and entering the car for the last time.
Princip (second from right) in police custody.
The Archduke and Duchess lie in state in Sarajevo.
The successful assassin, Gavrilo Princip.

Eulogy from Vienna's Die Fackel (The Torch), 10-Jul-1914

In this era so deplorable for humanity which in our Austrian laboratory of the apocalypse is expressed by the grimace of gemütlich sickliness - in such an era the Archduke had the measure of a man. Only now, as Vienna mimics mourning, do we realize . . . how much he disdained that indispensable affability used by the powerful to promote their careers . . . He was no greeter. He had no winning ways to charm the people past their grievances. He did show character through his radical championship of the commonplace against a fake modernity.

He proved himself by his taste. At his estate he opened to the people a floral landscape intelligible on the most popular level, a park with few rarefied pretensions . . . He was not part of the fancy dynamics of Austrian decay . . . he wanted to rouse our era from its sickness so that it would not sleep past its own death. Now it sleeps past his.

Karl Kraus