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The Work Detail
General Adrienne Iavarone (wife)All kinds of un-fun things like data entry!
Michael E. HanlonLiaison at ø The Great War Society and heavy contributor.
Jim CauseyA ton of technical advice (internet and hardware)
Mike Shevenell of Cove Software SystemsSerious CGI assistance
Matt WrightGreat CGI Scripts like the Search Facility

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Caligari Pioneer (32) VRML authoring
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Ray Dream Designer
Other UtilitiesWS_FTP95 (32)
Cuneiform 2.0e (16) OCR software that works!
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"If you build it, they will come..."
Hmmmm, what is this place?
Is someone gonna charge me for being here?

First of all, it's because, when I had to pick a domain name, I couldn't imagine "guessers" trying to access Simple enough.

Next, this place is simply meant to fill the void of WWI resources I found on the web when I went looking for materials. There were just a couple of little exhibits here and there - nothing substantial. It seems everyone is preoccupied with the Civil War. No shortage of web pages on that topic. Keep in mind that this is an open project and I will consider all submissions and contributions, so feel free to write. After all, there's more than enough material to go around.

No! Never! No one's going to charge you for being here! The only commercial aspect of this site are the poster reprints that are for sale. Proceeds from them will help pay the tab for this spot on the information superhighway. I've recently included information on vendors that sell WWI related items. The reason for this is that it's neat stuff that I never knew was around. They are listed here for free because I thought you might be interested in some of the unique items they have to offer. This remains a non-profit/non-commercial site.

I just hope this exhibit sparks an interest in you for one of the most fascinating periods of modern history.

Thanks for stopping by,
Mike Iavarone
Member: ø The Great War Society