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You can tell a lot about a time by the art used to motivate people to do such things as join the "fight". Have a look but be careful not to handle them too much since they are quite old and could easily tear.

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Recruiting - The Heros of St. Julian and Festubert
Recruiting - We Defend the Precious Jewel of Freedom
Bonds - Back Him Up!
Bonds - Faith in Canada

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Great Britain
Recruiting - Are YOU in this?
Recruiting - Who can beat this plucky four?
Recruiting - Forward!
Recruiting - Britishers Enlist Today!

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Allied Aid - Untitled, 1917
Bonds - Liberation Loan 1918
Propaganda - Day of the Poilu
Propaganda - They Shall Not Pass

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Germany - Set 1
Bonds - Help us win
Recruiting - Air Force
Red Cross - Germany 1914
Recruiting - God punish England!

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Germany - Set 2
Propaganda - Offering for the Army and Navy
Propaganda - Hamburg's Day of Giving
Bonds - Eighth War Loan
Bonds - The Ninth Arrow

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Recruiting - Ireland's old fighting spirit
Recruiting - "I'll go too"
Recruiting - Lusitania

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War Loan - woman worker
War Loan - soldiers in trench

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United States (set 1)
Recruiting - "Teuful Hunden" (Devil Dogs)
Propaganda - Wake up America!
Recruiting - Spirit of 1917
Bonds - Beat back the Hun

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United States (set 2)
Recruiting - Marines
Bonds - Joan of Arc
Recruiting - Navy
Relief - They shall not perish

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11th Border - Lonsdales Man or Mouse
Australian recruiting - Gallipoli
British recruiting using Zeppelins
Italian combination propaganda/recruiting

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