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One water bottle for 40 men by G.P. Hoskins

Welcome to the renovated Reference Library. Veteran visitors will have noted that the old Reference Library was getting a bit large and cumbersome (not to mention a long download). The large sections such as biographies have been split out into their own separate pages. The buttons at the top and bottom of the page will still take you to the appropriate section.

I've included a clickable site map below which will take you directly to the index page you select. For new visitors, there is a brief description of each of these index pages beneath the site map and legend. I hope this new method helps you find your way around a bit more efficiently.

If you have a newer browser, the site map will be clickable. If you are using an older model browser, the same selections are available under the map and legend.

In addition to this map, there is a quick jump navigation tool at the bottom of most pages. Just click the arrow to bring up a list of major locales, select one, then click the "Go" button. Click here to go down and take a look.

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Information and photos on weapons and troops.

 Biographies Index
Information on figures from the period. This index is updated frequently.

 Document Archive
Various reproductions of documents concerning the war.

 Fractal Gallery
Artwork from the Great War including paintings, drawings and posters. These images are in compressed fractal format which offers high quality and fast downloading speed.

 Map Room
Detailed maps of various theaters of action. The maps that are marked "zoomable" feature clickable super-maps comprised of the indicated sub-maps.

 Media Room
Multimedia files. Currently there are a number of musical pieces from World War I. These are actual recordings from the period. Some are even recorded right off a vintage 1918 Victrola.

 Photo Archive
Photo collections arranged around specific events such as battles. Each master page is comprised of about 20 expandable thumbnails. The dimensions and file sizes are given for each full image along with a description.

 Posters from The Great War
A collection of different posters from the war. The types include propaganda and recruiting. A new addition (as 18-Mar-1998) of US WWI Poster Reproductions is also available. There are 56 images in all and each is available as a quality paper or canvas reproduction. Click here to visit the page for more details. Sales benefit this web site.

 Reviews of Great War Related Books, Documentaries, and Movies/Videos
These reviews have been submitted by various critics, both professional and amateur, each with a special interest in the First World War.

 Special Features Index
These are special contributions from various writers and historians on a wide range of topics.

 Timeline Index
The Timeline entries represent detailed history of the major events leading up to and occurring during World War I.

Information on cartoons, movies, slang and songs of the period.

 VRML Hall
Very experimental page which attempts to use virtual reality modeling to document aspects of the war.

 War Atlas Index
Data on the major belligerents. Includes listings of military and political leaders.

Other Information and Utilities

Reference sources and project assistance.

 WWI Discussion Forum
A good place to post research questions or offer your feedback to a number of issues. Also a good place to meet others with similar Great War interests.

Some tips for getting the most out of this site.

 IRC Info
Join in on a WWI IRC chat session. All are welcome.

Links to other WWI sites and Societies.

Calendar of events and a list of vendors specializing in WWI items.

 Publications and Periodicals
Looking to do some reading on the Great War? There's probably more available than you think!

 Site Reviews
Reviews and critiques of this site.

A utility that allows you to search this site based on keywords. This page also has an Alta Vista search.

 Selected Tours
Theme based guided tours of this site for new visitors. Good way to get to learn what's available.

 What's New
Go here to see what's new since your last visit.

Direct Links to Reference Materials

 Great War Casualty Rates
Statistics on losses of major belligerents.

 The Great War in Numbers
Assorted statistics on the Great War.

 The Great War Reading List
Over 100 titles pertaining to World War I.

 Western Front Tourist's Guide
If you are planning a trip to France, print this out and take it with you.

 ø The Great War Society Students and Researcher's Page
Additional information for students and researchers.
When Who What Where ">Back Maps Search Home Help
When Who What Where ">Back Maps Search Home Help