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General Joseph Gallieni

Here are some maps of various regions, battles and theaters of operation. I believe them all to be out-of-copyright which explains their black and white appearance. If you decide to copy one and use it for your own purposes, do so at your own risk. When you select one, a JPG image will be displayed without any supporting text or links. Just hit your browser's back button to return here.

Detailed Maps
Austrian/Italian/Balkan Theaters of Operation
Belgium, Messines, 1916-17 (zoomable)
British trench maps of the German positions in the Messines area
The Eastern Front
The Eastern Front (extent of Russian advance is shaded)
France, The Western Front (zoomable)
France, The Western Front
France, The Western Front (color)
France, The Western Front (situation: spring 1916)
France, Amiens, 8-Aug-1918
France, Belleau Wood, 4-Jun-1918 thru 10-Jul-1918
France, Blanc Mont, 2-Oct-1918 thru 9-Oct-1918
France, Cantigny, 27-Apr-1918 thru 8-Jul-1918
France, Compiegne, 1918
France, German advance as of 6-Sep-1914
France, Meuse-Argonne, 26-Sep-1918
France, Meuse-Argonne, 26-Sep-1918 thru 11-Nov-1918
France, Soissons, 7-Jun-1918
France, The Somme, 1-Jul-1916 (zoomable)
The British Sector: Maricourt to Gommecourt
France, The Somme, 30-Jun-1916 (*see note 1 below)
France, The Somme, 1-Jul-1916 (*see note 1 below)
France, The Somme, Beaumont Hamel, Hawthorn Ridge, 2-Jun-1916 (trench map)
France, St. Mihiel, prior to Sep-1918 offensive
France, St. Mihiel, 12-Sep-1918
Battle of Jutland, 31-May-1916
The Ottoman/Arabian/Egyptian Theaters of Operation

Note 1: These maps were reproduced from sets published by ø The Battery Press in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum. If you are interested in detailed boxed map sets of World War I, you should visit their online catalog using the above link for pricing and ordering information. The set is much more detailed than the small sample presented here.