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Bristol F2b fighter with Vickers and Lewis (rear)

The items listed below are events I have either stumbled across myself or have been notified of by other individuals They are contained here because I thought they might be of general interest. All postings have a contact, please direct your inquiries there.

Pending Events

Please note as of 1-Mar-1998 I am no longer accepting updates to the pending portion of this page (just below). Instead, just go to the Great War Discussion Forum and post your item under WWI Related Events. Thanks!


Seminar Schedule, 2000

March 10-12, 2000,
The Officers Mess,
Bay Street Armoury,
Victoria, British Colombia 

Contact:  Branch Chairman
          L. Jack Patten,
          2-6325 Metral Drive,
          Nanaimo, BC V9T 2L9 Canada.

Saturday, March 25, 2000,
Comfort Inn & Conference Center,
Exit 77, Route 24. 
Edgewood, Maryland (north of Baltimore on Route I-95) 

Featured speakers include Jon Guttman of Aviation History Magazine and 
Douglas Johnson II of the Army War College. 
Contact:     Paul Cora,

 -- Semi-Annual Over the Front Seminar --
April 14 and 15, 2000,
The Pensacola Beach Hampton Inn and the National Naval Aviation Museum,
Pesacola, Florida  

The banquet speaker will be Daniel Davison, son of the First Yale
 Unit's member Trubee Davison.  Other speakers will include:
 Peter Grosz on German Aviation, Jack Hillard on Foggia and
 the History of the USAS in Italy, and Howard Fischer on the Status
 of WWI Aviation Research.  Steve Suddaby will discuss the Bombing
 of Britain and Col Steve Ruffin will continue his discussion of the
 Hazards of Open Cockpit Flying.  

Accomodations at the Hampton Inn, Two Via de Luna, Pensacola Beach, Florida
  (800) 320-8108. 

Ask for the "OTF" rate and reserve your room(s) on or before March 14, 2000 
to benefit from the OTF discount! 

For more information and to register, contact:
Joe Santiago, 711 Courtney Drive, Aberdeen, Maryland 21001.  

"The Imperial German Army - 1914-1918" --
May 12-14, 2000,
Radisson Hotel - Downtown 
200 North Fourth St.
St.Louis, Missouri 

Speakers will include Bruce Gudmondson, Roger Chickering, and Dennis Showalter.  

For room reservations, call the Radisson at (314) 621-8200 and ask for 
the Great War Society seminar rate of $80 per night, plus tax.  

For other informaton Contact:
Sal Compagno  

May 27 - June 10, 2000

Includes Verdun, the Maginot Line, St. Mihel and the Meuse-Argonne,
 Ypres, Vimy Ridge, Normandy, the Somme and Paris.  

Bell Tours,
Berkeley, California - 
(800) 996-1216  

Contact:  Sal Compagno  

June 2, 3 AND 4, 2000,
The John Hay Library,
Brown University,
Providence, Rhode Island 

Speakers include James Hallas, Steve Corvi, and Mary Bordon.  

Contact:  Lannie Liggera,  e-mail  

September 15-17, 2000,
The Pioneer Army Museum,
Historic Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas,  
The Oldest Army Post west of the Mississippi  

Accommodations:  the Hoge Barracks BOQ  

Speakers will include Holger Herwig, winner of the WFA's annual Tomlinson Book Award for 1998.  

Contact:  Len Shurtleff,
          (352) 379-3200,  Fax (352) 379-9408,

ITALIAN FRONT TOUR  -- September 4-16, 2000  

Three nights each in Rovereto, Cortina, d'Ampezzo, Undine and Venice, with daily
 excursions to point of interest.  Group limited to only twenty (20) participants.  

For more information contact:  
Martin Vitz, e-mail 
Phone (510) 569--8995  

Hosted by the St. Louis Escadrille
Phone (314) 429-4980  

St. Louis, Missouri,  October 7-9, 2000  
Location:  Creve Coeur Airport
3127 Creve Coeur Mill Road  

For details, contact:
 Chris O'Neal, e-mail

November 3-5, 2000 

At the Alvin C. York Birthplace, Pall Mall, Tennessee 

Contact:  Paul Guthrie (606) 233-1426, fax (606) 252-8087 

Ongoing Items
Aviation ArtGreenPoint Gallery has many prints online at
Book SearchLooking for a military history book? Rare or out-of-print? Let ø World at War do a free book search for you. Use the link above to visit their web site for more information on this valuable service.
Book CatalogThe Battery Press now has a copy of their catalog on the web. Check out their section on ø The Great War. Many quality reprints of classics from the period. Be sure to see the samples I've included on the Publisher's page.
Book CatalogDerek Frost offers an online catalog of military books covering weapons, military vehicles, uniforms & insignia, history, military, aircraft, and naval topics. The catalog is located at:
Book CatalogSteve Tilston Military and Maritime Books carries new, used and out-of-print books including many on the Great War. ø Click here to visit his web site where you will find an online catalog along with ordering information.
Books/Videosø The Scholar's Bookshelf offers over 2,500 titles covering every aspect of military history.
BooksService Publications specializes in books about firearms and collectible military artifacts. ø Click here to visit their web site.
BooksRoger Jones specializes in all aspects of the literature of the Great War. He may be contacted at:
P.O. Box 2207
Richmond, CA 94801
Phone: (510) 235-9019
BooksTurner-Donovan Military Books specializes in second-hand and antiquarian military books including World War I.
web site:
BooksRick Savel's Torpedo Junction specializes in Submarine History Books. World War I and World War II, U-boats, Fleet types of the U.S. Navy Imperial Japanese Naval subs as well as other nations. Use the link below to visit his web based catalog.
P.O. Box 227
Penngrove, CA 94951-0227 USA
Commemorative ringsUnited States Armed Forces commemorative signet rings. Dedicated to those veterans who have paid the ultimate price while serving their country. Visit ø The Veterans Ring of Honor Web Site (click here) for more information including photos of the various ring designs.
Historic Newspapersø Jim Lyons Historical Newspapers offers a wide range of original newspapers including a lot of WWI selections. Nice way to own a reasonably priced piece of history. Visit the web catalog using the above link or e-mail Jim at (
MilitariaReenactors/collectors: For a free catalogue of quality reproduction WWI militaria (soldiers personal items), E-Mail Ian Cooper (
Militariaø Great War Militaria . A site devoted to Military Artifacts, Relics, Equipment and Reenacting. Visit their online catalog.
Militariaø Green River Trading Corporation . Militaria for reenactors featuring an online catalog.
MilitariaReenactors-Collectors: WWI era Newspapers & Magazines, Books, Medals, WWI Soldier's field equipment, and more. E-Mail Ralph Reiley ( for a free listing.
Militariaø The Militaria Collectors Platoon. WWI to present: Russian/German militaria, insignias and awards. Estonia.
Military Award Reprosø Der Dienst. Handcrafted museum quality, full size reproductions of the World's most famous military awards, medals, badges and insignia at a fraction of the cost of originals.
Miniaturesø J.S. Dietz Toy Soldier Company produces 54mm metal WWI toy soldiers and artillery pieces including British, German and Turk. Great details. Visit their page for photos and ordering info. Late breaking news: J.S. states that the sale of WWI figures will be discontinued to the general public. Get them while supplies last.
Miniaturesø HäT Industrie produces 1/72nd scales WWI toy figures. Visit their web site using the link above for more information and photos of the figures.
MusicMark Best offers a 10 cassette tape collection containing many, many WWI songs recorded right off the old Victrola for $9.95 USD (per tape + $2.00 s&h per order). Very good quality sound (and excellent writing music - I've got them playing now). Mark can be contacted at: or click here to visit his web site. Mark now has samplings of all of his tapes available at the web site in RealAudio format. Many WWI tunes!
NewsletterInterested in T. E. Lawrence? Denis McDonnell publishes T. E. Notes, a newsletter dedicated to this topic. Click here to visit his web page for more details. Be sure to see his Durable Lawrence selected biliography.
Posters Meehan Military Posters is now on the web. Their catalog of original WWI posters was the source of many of the posters on display here. ø Click here to visit their web site. They have many posters on display and there is information on how to request a color catalog ($10 charge).
Posters If you're interested in WWI posters, then you should check out catalog #48 from Miscellaneous Man - Vintage Posters and Graphics. George Theofiles has assembled a very comprehensive catalog/reference on WWI/II posters - 260 pages, 3,300 posters. You can order one by calling: 1-800-647-0069.
PRO Assistance Need help locating records at Britain's Public Record Office? Bob O'Hara offers assistance. ø Click here to visit his web page for more details regarding his service.
This is a WWI simulation using e-mail. The game starts in 1905. It is an economic, military and political simulation. Each nation must manage their economy and military to achieve a list of 7-10 goals. The players can attempt to achieve these goals any way they see fit (within historical limits). Information on participation can be requested from
Tactical Game
The organizer of this WWI game is looking for recruits - 50 or more, to get started. ø Click here to visit the web page for more information.
Simulation Sierra/Dynamix now offers a sequel to their famous Red Baron WWI flight simulator called Red Baron II. ø Click here to visit their web page for further details.
Tours ø Bell Travel offers tours of the Western and Italian Fronts. Visit thier web site for details on upcoming tours or contact Sal by e-mail at
Tours ø Fugazi Travel offers tours of the Western Front. Visit thier web site for details on upcoming tours or contact Leo by e-mail at
Tours ø Holts' Tours specializes in miltary oriented tours from many eras. Please check their web site for more info or you may contact them by e-mail at:
Videos ø Americans at War carries a wide selection of documentary videos including several on the Great War.
Videos Abel Gance's excellent J'Accuse is available on video tape from:
Peter Kavel
1123 Ohio Ave.
Alamogordo, NM 88310
Phone: (505) 437-6739
BooksZenith Books offers a number of WWI titles via mail-order. Call for a catalog: 1-800-826-6600.
VideosFusion Video offers many documentary and theatrical titles on WWI via mail-order. Call for a catalog: 1-800-959-0061.

Recent and Upcoming WWI Publications

The following WWI publications are, or will be, available from the Battery Press. You can obtain ordering info from their web page ( or by contacting Dick Gardner at
Medical Services: Casualties and Medical Statistics of the Great War by Major T.J. Smith.
The record of the over 11 million British and Commonwealth casualties in World War I. Part of the British official history set. Material is given by campaign with a breakdown of both battle and non battle losses. 402 pages of text and tables plus. The retail price is $49.95 plus $2.50 shipping. Available now.
Armies of the Balkan States, 1914-1918.
This is a composite handbook for the military forces of Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Servia and Rumania at the time of the First and Second Balkan Wars and World War I. 552 pages, 14 uniform and insignia plates and 5 military maps in two pockets. Available now $49.95 plus $2.50 shipping .
Naval Operations, Volume I by Sir Julian Corbett.
This volume in the British official history set for WWI covers preparations for war, opening movements in the Mediterranean, the action off Heligoland, initial operations in the North Sea and on the Belgian coast, the Cameroons, the battle of Coronel and the Falklands. We are using the revised 2nd edition, released in 1938, for this reprint. 528 pages, 13 maps. Available 1 March at a retail price of $49.95 plus $2.50 shipping.. Orders received by 20 February can enjoy a prepublication discount of $39.95 plus $2.50 shipping.
Naval Operations, Volume II by Sir Julian Corbett.
Part of the British official history set, this volume is devoted almost totally to Dardanelles operations with some information on the beginning of the German submarine campaign. 460 pages, 17 maps including five in cover pockets. The retail price is $54.95 plus $2.50 shipping but orders received by 10 June can enjoy a discount price of $44.95 plus $2.50 shipping. The release date is 28 June.
British Trench Warfare, 1917-1918 by British General Staff.
This composite work provides a framework for British small unit tactical trench operations in the last two years of the war. It incorporates the basic infantry handbook for trench warfare with field fortification diagrams in use during this period. 214 pages, 110 diagrams. $34.95 plus $2.50 shipping upon release on 9 May. There is a prepublication discount price of $29.95 plus $2.50 shipping for orders received by 30 April 1997.
Campaign in Mesopotamia 1914-1918, Volume I by Brigadier F. J. Moberly.
This is the first of four volumes in the British official history for military operations against the Turks in Mesopotamia. It begins with a general descrition of the theater of operations and a discussion of British political and military preparations for this campaign. Volume I covers operations beginning in November 1914 through the first battle of Kut in September 1915. 412 pages, 3 photos, 9 maps, 8 appendices. The retail price is $49.95 plus $2.50 shipping upon release on 26 May. Orders received by 1 May 1997 can enjoy a prepublication discount price of $39.95 plus $2.50 shipping.

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