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Issoudon Training Aerodrome

AR1 and AR2

Avro 504K

Breguet 14A2 & 14B2

Caudron G.3

Caudron G.4

Donnet Denhaut

George Levy 40 HD2

Maurice Farman S7

Nieuport Two Seat Trainers

Nieuport 11 & 17

Nieuport 24

Nieuport 27

Nieuport 28


Salmson 2A2

Spad XI


Spad XVI

Tellier T-3




Sopwith Camel

Sopwith 1½ Strutter

S.E. 5a

Curtiss F Boat

Curtiss F-5-L

Curtiss H12 Flying Boat

Curtiss H16 Flying Boat

Curtiss HS1-L & HS2-L
Flying Boats

Curtiss Jenny

Curtiss N9

Curtiss R6

DH-4, American Version
With Liberty Engine

Caproni Ca.3

Caproni Ca.5

Farman 1914


Macchi L3

Macchi 5

Macchi M8

S.I.A. 7B1

About the Contributor

Noel Shirley has had a long standing interest in aviation being both an engineer and private pilot and having been a founding member of the League of World War I Aviation Historians. For over twenty years he has contributed articles on the American Air Service and the Lafayette Escadrille to Cross & Cockade Journal and Over The Front of which he is now Associate Managing Editor. Noel is also Chairman of the Great War Society's Palo Alto Chapter. Questions and comments about Aircraft of the AEF can be submitted to him directly at: (

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