Weapons, Uniforms, Rations, and Equipment

  The Variety of AEF Grenades
A Selection from American Voices of World WarI by Martin Marix Evans

  US Uniforms 1900-1918, by Vincent Petty and Glenn Hyatt
From the 318th Infantry Rgt. Website

  Putting on Puttees, by Vincent Petty
From the 318th Infantry Rgt. Website

  US Infantryman Kit
Request for equipment & uniform contributions

  Campaign Hat Model 1911
Symbol of the Doughboys

  1918 Overseas Cap
Replacement for the Campaign Hat

  Helmet M-1917
From Contributor Mark Reynosa

 Little Tanks: Doughboy Marching Shoes and Boots
From Contributor Jim Bond
The Trench Coat: WWI's Lasting Fashion Contribution
At the Old Magazine Articles Website

Aircraft of the AEF
46 profiles of operational & training aircraft

  Doughboy's Rifle
(It wasn't necessarily a Springfield)

  Doughboy Weaponry Resources on the Web
Updated 14 July 2013

  Colt .45 Semi-Automatic Pistol
From Jack Savage Wildman

  The Stokes 3" Trench Mortar
Contribution from Weapons Expert Bruce Canfield

  Doughboy Cookbook
Slum, Bullets, Sir William and Other Treats

  Doughnut! The Official Story
The Salvation Army and AEF's Contribution to World Cuisine

Medical Treatment, Rehabilitation, Doctors, Nurses, and the AEF Hospital System

In Development Coming Soon

Battle Streamer

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